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Mekong Capital

In the rapidly evolving investment landscape, Mekong Capital shines as a beacon of commitment to success and entrepreneurial spirit.

Beyond a digital gateway, it is a testament to the vision.

As you delve into the website, an air of dynamism and possibility fills the screen. The website's sleek intuitive design reflects the company's contemporary approach to investment, while its rich content provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of brand essence and vision.

Beyond its investment activities, Mekong Capital also positions itself as a thought leader in the industry. The website "Insights" section offer a collection of articles of the Southeast Asia's economic landscape. This repository of knowledge serves as a valuable resource for investors and entreperneurs.


Experience the uplifted living space on an engaging interface

VinaLiving, built on the foundation of the philosophy "Bring Resort Lifestyle Home" is a brand that epitomizes the concept of luxurious living. With a focus on providing exceptional living spaces, complete with top-tier amenities.

The collaborative effort between VinaLiving and Alpha Creative resulted in a sleek and intuitive website, showcasing a seamless user experience, encapsulating the essence and core values of VinaLiving. Every aspect of the website is carefully crafted to leave an indelible imprint of the brand's message.

With the well-structured interface of the website, the website users can now explore products that meet their needs.

The interface presents the perfect solution to effectively showcase the essence of VinaLiving.

With this interface design, users can effortlessly familiarize themselves with the projects by VinaLiving.

Maia Resort Quy Nhon

The meticulously captured photos are well displayed on the sleek and user-friendly interface, allowing users to fully immerse in the visual spectacle. Through this website, we create a captivating journey, where visitors can bask in the perfect fusion of the green palms and modern design that defines the essence of Maia Resort Quy Nhon.

Let your visual journey be inspired by the ocean

In pursuit of crafting exceptional experiences, we firmly embrace the philosophy of minimalism. With the streamline graphics and a palette of soft, light colors, we harmonize the aesthetics of the website to exude an air of elegance. Our goal is to also leave users inspired and fully contented when visiting the resort’s website.


Intro 3

An invitation to embark on a world of inspiration.

The website's elegant design and user-friendly interface mirror the exquisite properties it showcases, offering a glimpse into a world where luxury and comfort are seamlessly intertwined. The website also features a wealth of articles, guides, and travel tips, providing insights into a world of luxury travel and lifestyle.

In the realm of luxury accommodations and travel experiences, the website stands tall as a premier online platform for discerning travelers and property enthusiasts.

As a socially responsible leading hospitality group operating in diverse locations, Lodgis, views ourselves as stewards of this planet and aim is to make the world a better place for future generations. aims to be more than just a website; it aspires to be a source of inspiration for the modern travelers. From destination highlights to design trends, this curated content serves to enrich the visitor's experience, making an invaluable resource for those seeking inspiration for their next memorable journey.

Bel Marina Hoi An Resort

Bel Marina Hoi An offers opportunities to immerse oneself in classic aesthetics and modern sophistication. We, Alpha Creative, joins hands with the resort to design and develop a website that showcases the essence of its unrivaled charm.

Where contemporary touches meet cultural heritage

To showcase the brand’s elegance on the website, we have used Brolimo and Lato - two impeccable selections of fonts that embody both luxury and contemporary appeal. The graphic icons complement the website’s user-friendly interface while the color palette draws inspiration from Hoi An’s historic houses, vibrant rice fields, meandering rivers, results in a visually captivating fusion.

Vesna Hotel Nha Trang

Through the website experience, users can embark on a journey of the fascinating fusion of classic and modern of Vesa Hotel Nha Trang. The perfect blend, brought to life by the collaborative efforts of Alpha Creative and the hotel, has resulted in a website that aligns with the brand identity. The website also reflects the distinctiveness of the hotel among the hospitality offerings in Nha Trang city.

The encounter of classic beauty and creative approaches

Discover the blend of culture and digital innovation on the website of Vesna Hotel Nha Trang. Combining vibrant colors like sunshine yellow, brown, beige, the website exudes a relaxing ambience. Prepare to be mesmerized in the visual delights on this website where every detail is crafted to deliver immersive experiences.

Lief Mila Vung Tau

The website of Lief Mila Vung Tau showcases a seamless blend of colonial architecture and a minimalist aesthetic. Leveraging our expertise in UX/UI design, we have successfully developed a website that effectively conveys the brand's message.

Step into a world of elegance and adorableness with Mila

Immerse yourself in a world of colors on the website, where the essence of Mila is beautifully captured. The combination of Muse and Quicksand fonts guides you on an enchanting visual odyssey, leaving you captivated every step of the way.

Uncover the best of modern and classic allure

The website with seamless integration of colors and creative graphics, perfectly complimenting the contemporary ambience of 20th century. The combination also exude an exquisite aesthetic, captivating the eyes and captivating the senses.


PrivateTrip is a prestigious travel agency that specializes in personalized travel trips. In order to embody the essence and values of PrivateTrip, we have crafted a remarkable brand identity design that captures the brand’s mission and message.

Our combination of colors, typefaces, and overall aesthetic coherence is designed to convey a professional brand image of PrivateTrip. Our designs not only leave a lasting impression on customers, but aid in fostering brand recognition as well.

Nagoya Sushi

Nagoya Sushi Event is a celebration of the Japanese cuisine, inviting guests to embark on a gastronomic journey filled with fresh, carefully-crafted dishes. Together with the event, we uplift the experience by the logo design that captures the essence of Japanese culture.

Inspiration from delicate artistry and Nagoya castle